Here are some things I’ve been up to lately:

Women’s Sailing Convention web site build:

Given the budget and time constraints, I utilized a templated WordPress environment for the 2013 Women’s Sailing Convention site build.  By manipulating the CSS, I was able to duplicate the look of the organization’s current print catalogue.  A colleague of mine was able to integrate the previous year’s registration form with minimal modification, saving us a great deal of time overall.

Doug Thorley Headers Product Catalogue:

This particular project was well under way when I arrived at Acorn Woods.  I spent my first days there cutting out the backgrounds of the product photos, which had been taken in a white light box.  I was also tasked with creating about 70% of the copy as well as sourcing the stock photos of automobiles that are used in the backgrounds.  Doug Thorley Headers‘ homepage is due to be re-launched shortly, containing similar work of mine.

Greenball Tires SEMA booth video:

This was a silent video that I put together for Greenball’s SEMA booth to run on a loop in the background to display their product lines in a slideshow format. Lots of layers in FinalCut!

Greenball Tires print ad:

This was an ad I put together using InDesign for the Greenball tire company. They opted to go in a slightly different direction (single ad per tire line vs. one ad for all the tires) but I figured it was still worth posting on here.  I selected the desert theme both as an environment where one may conceivably use all three tires, as well as an homage to the escapist lifestyle; folks who chose to vacate urban areas for natural solitude in their free time.  I was careful to align the tires with the road, as well as keep a upward-fading gradient as to communicate “Greenball can take you away into the ether of leisure.”

Here are some links to things I did in college:

Creative writing samples