Here are some video projects that I’ve been involved with:

Porter’s Brew Club

  • These folks make some awesome beers so thought they should have a promo video


Triton Chat

  • I had to put together a panel discussion for a TV production class.


Triton News Network:

  • I had a recurring segment on here as a tweaked-out conspiracy theorist


The Third Floor:

  • This is a choose your own adventure kind of thing.  I did quite a bit of PA work and if you click wisely, you get to see my cameo.

Joey Avery’s Self Portrait

  • We were doing an editing class and he needed someone to be the


Scratching on the Eight

  • This was the first film I put together on my own.  I’ve figured out a few more tricks since then but It’s fun for nostalgia’s sake.  The prompt was to create a narrative out of snapshot photos.